Inspiration & Passion

It's not often that a cigar brand owner infuses his love of literature into a line of cigars, but that is exactly what Joseph Casimir did with SYN Cigars.  

 “We produce a unique line of cigars that not only pays tribute to the rich culture this product has brought about, but also infuses romance and poetry to the smoking experience,” said Casimir, brand owner of Syn Cigars. 

"Our focus is on the savvy and experienced smoker," says Casimir. "Our cigars are made with the finest tobaccos available, are well balanced, well aged and with considerable complexity." 

Home of the cigars

In recent decades, the Dominican Republic has become the world´s largest and most important source of premium handmade cigars. Its world-class tobacco farms are located on the outskirts of Santiago, where to soil is dark, rich in nutrients and equipped with innovative irrigation systems. Added to this, there is a pleasant climate with a cool afternoon breeze that comfortably cools the high daytime temperatures. This allows the tobacco plants to thrive and develop diverse flavors. 

The company currently produces about 200,000 cigars a year at its factory, Tabacalera SYN located in Tamboril-Santiago, Dominican Republic by long-time Master Blender, Juan Rodriguez. 

Master Blender

Juan Rodriguez, Master Blender and SYN Factory manager, has over 35 years of experience in cigar manufacturing through his previous positions as Master Roller and Blender for several legendary cigar brands. Today, he works with several industry professionals including Leo Reyes – one of the biggest and most well-known tobacco growers and suppliers in the Dominican Republic, to select the finest tobacco for the exclusive blends of SYN cigars. Therefore, each SYN cigar not only offers our customers a fantastic experience, but also exemplifies passion, expertise and pride.