SYN Frivole

The word frivolous may conjure up images in our minds that are not always initially associated with something positive. In the dictionary, we find definitions such as frivolous or cheeky. For us, the Frivole brand embodies the deep awareness that abundance allows us to live a lifestyle in which we can be free in our desires and spontaneous in our choices without worrying about the consequences. It's about turning dreams into fantasies and fantasies into reality. And while we're at it, why not turn reality into fantasy! In the world of SYN Frivole is all about this paradox.

When we launched SYN Frivole it may have seemed that naming and product design was easy and quick. But we spent a long time thinking and searching for a name that would clarify SYN's philosophy and vision. At the end of the day, we also wanted to convey to our customers the anticipation of a fantastic smoking experience. 


We have chosen the Figurado (Perfecto) shape for the SYN Frivole because it represents a tailored lifestyle. The 12 carefully hand-rolled cigars are presented in a beautiful handmade wooden box.

One half of the cigars are rolled with the exquisite San Andres Maduro wrapper, accented by a pure Claro of a Caribbean island. The other half are characterized by the accents of Vice Versa.  The filler is a perfectly balanced ensemble of the finest tobaccos. Specifically, Criollo, H2000 and Corojo, all of which have had more than 5 years to age. The cigars were stored in our aging room for over a year before release to ensure maximum finesse and elegance on the nose and palate. Moderate in strength but considerably complex in aromas, SYN Frivole offers not only material pleasure but also an intellectual pleasure that points to a maximum of joie de vivre.