Rendezvous with the pleasure

The theme behind each line in the company's portfolio is a play on the word "sin". The company's first two creations (launched in 2017) are called "The Original SYN", one line has an H2000 wrapper "reflecting the softness of femininity", the other a Maduro wrapper for "strength and masculinity". The idea is a tribute to the story of Adam and Eve.

The follow-up collection, representing seven different formats and enjoyment directions, is called "The 7 Deadly SYNS". The seven deadly sins are also available as a sampler box. Each cigar is named after one of the seven deadly sins. Can the pleasurable life really be a sin?

The European SYN company has composed its own blend with the SYN Signum, born to make its mark on the cigar world.

The SYN Frivole, of which only 250 boxes are available worldwide, is a rare and exclusive cigar that can be purchased only by an exclusive circle of cigar lovers.